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The Birds of My Neighbourhood

For the Love of Animals

Hare and the moon
Just Kiddin'
Do You Have Carrots?
Pretty Cow
The Scream
Can We Be Friends?
The Blue Dancers
A Dream of Awakening

Pet Portraits

Rocket and the Willie Wagtail
Holly's Portrait
Katie's Portrait
Cat portrait
Milly's portrait
Katie's portrait
Justin's Weiros
Juno and Wally Drawing


I'm most interested in conveying my emotions through the landscapes I paint. Immersed in nature is where I feel most alive. I paint scenes that move me or fill me with awe. As I paint, I fill myself with the feelings I want to express and try to stay open to allowing them to come through my hands. I aim to find a balance between staying true to what I see and the feelings I want to express, playing mostly with adjusting colours to reflect the vibrant world of my experience.