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I often reflect on our relationship with the animals we share our planet with and think of how most people barely give a thought to those precious beings. 


This painting is an ode the wonderful people I am so inspired by, those who dedicate their lives to saving our natural environment and to rehabilitating injured animals. I wanted to honour those gentle souls motivated by love and devotion to the sacredness of all life. 


They remind us that in order to thrive, we need to embrace our vital connection to nature and to respect every creature that shares our planet. Through this image I wanted to expresses the faithful surrender to the heart those who keep caring and giving must embody. It is full of warmth and light to evoke hope and peace. 


I was inspired by the symbolism-rich Renaissance paintings depicting saints. The observing presence of the owl represents wisdom, the blue wrens symbolise hope and new beginnings.


Ode to Gentle Hearts

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