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Oils on canvas, 76 x 50.5 cm, 3.5 cm deep edges

Stretched and ready to hang. Signed on the Front and Back. 

The sides are carefully painted in a matching light blue so the painting is ready to hang. A protective coating of varnish has been applied using Gamvar.


Eleven Mile Lagoon is a magical spot just West of Esperance where the reef creates the most protected lagoons along the coast. There is a rocky hedland with pools teeming with life and small waterfalls come and go as the Southern Ocean swell throws itself against the reef. This painting is a memory of a clear winter’s afternoon when the waves were mesmerising as they peeled along the reef and there was a joyous chorus if seabirds above.  It will uplift any room with its vibrant colours, bringing this coastal paradise straight to your room. 

Reef Break at Eleven Mile Lagoon

  • This item has been varnished. Gently wipe with a soft damp cloth if need be. 

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