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Oils on canvas, 76 x 50.5 cm, 3.5 com deep edges

Stretched and ready to hang. Signed on the Front and Back. 

The sides are carefully painted in a matching light blue so the painting is ready to hang. A protective coating of varnish has been applied using Gamvar.


This painting is of the happy times spent camping under the trees at this enchanting spot an hour and a half drive West of Esperance. From our camp there was a short path that led to the beach and a peaceful bay that glowed with turquoises and greens - a breathtaking sight. This painting brings the peace and joy of tranquil days by the beach, the sound of gentle waves and warm salty breeze. It is airy and the colours glow with vibrancy while the foreground details bring so much life and movement.

 Signed on the front and back. 

Summer Glow of Mason's Bay

  • This item has been varnished. Gently wipe with a soft damp cloth if need be. 

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