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Landscape Design


Between 2011 and 2013, I was responsible as landscape architect for the design and project management of the built outdoor spaces of the new Joondalup Private Hospital. Where possible, I incorporated artistic elements in the design of screens, shade shelters, paving patterns and lighting effects.


As a complementary project, and a donation to the Hospital and community, I also designed a small play-space built by a team of volunteers. It was created from donated materials and time, courtesy of the main contractor and sub contractors involved in the Joondalup Health Campus Redevelopment. As such, the design had to be simple and cost effective. A dead tree was salvaged from the site as well as some large boulders. Incorporating my art, I converted a bathtub into a somewhat abstract 'sail boat'. I also painted numerous animal inhabitants for the colourful screening wall made of timber poles. The aim was to create a cheerful 'oasis' as respite for young children visiting the hospital.

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