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Once upon a time, there was a family of magpies who lived in a magical land of bright  colours, dreamy hills, bright warm sun and endless bugs and worms. They were inquisitive, confident and very cheeky. And they were forever ready to remind everyone to enjoy the little things and always stay curious, sing your heart out and remember to play. 


This little guy means business for sure, he has plenty of attitude. When I met him among the trees he probably wanted my sandwich too.


This painting is 21.1 x 27.1 cm on 17 mm thick marine plywood covered in handmade paper with blue petals through it. I used inks for the background and acrylics for the magpie. 


Signed on the back and front. 

Ready to hang with wire and 2 x D-ring hanging options fixed to the back. Sides and back have been painted white. Does not include frame shown in room views. 

Please note that this work is on recycled marine plywood and the back and edges have a slightly textured surface.

Magpie 4

  • This item has been varnished using a matt varnish. Gently wipe with a soft damp cloth if need be. 

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